Ross: Seen Enough For TodayMature

During that fight i found that i was pretty good at using a mace, or at least considering Ive never used or seen one before outside of a movie.

Across the warehouse i saw Dave, looking as scared as hes ever been, don't really blame him. Seeing what he's seen. He almost died twice if not for the dragon and I'm sure the dragon is enough reason for him to be petrified.

After the battle had ended and the survivors seemed to have run away, i firstly went over to Dave. Dave looked like he had seen a ghost, or something to that effect. He had gone really pale and was breathing heavily.

"Whoa, you don't look so good man, you okay?" I asked

"I'm fine... For a man who has almost died twice and is uncomfortably close to an incredibly large creature which could have me for lunch anytime it chooses" he shouted

"But the dragons a friendly one, but the goblin thingies were definitely not. I'm going to go up to the dragon, i feel some form of connection that i couldn't just explain"

"Well i think your crazy, if you survive going near that thing ill be waiting outside. I'm pretty sure ill hear if that thing eats you"

"Yeah, see you in a sec man"

Dave walked out slowly watching the dragon with a paranoid look. When he left i walked over to the dragon, which was giving me a dragons equivalent of a friendly look.

Suddenly it started shrinking slightly, its horns and wings went back in. The teeth lost all sharpness, its nose went really small. Its tail dissapeared and it started to stand on its back two legs. Its back started getting smaller and you could hear it crack as it shrunk. Ifelt slight pain whilst watching this, imagining it happening to me. Suddenly its scales turned into skin, and its head had black hair with a red streak. After this transformation it turned out the dragon seemed to have been a human being!

"Whoa... Who are you?"

The End

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