Cynder: Stronger TogetherMature

I bared my teeth at the oncoming grublins and other creatures. If this boy was who I thought he was... I dared to hope that he was truly my long lost lover.

I sank my jaws into the body of a particularly large monkey and threw it into a small group of flying insectoid creatures.

The boy had picked up a mace and was swinging it wildly around. Why the hell hadn't he transformed?
I pleaded him to with my eyes, but he only stared at me curiously for a moment before thwacking the nearest ape into the next century.

Since when were Gaul's forces back anyway?

I opened my mouth, allowing pulses of Fear to reverberate through the walls. I could have laughed when I saw the boy's friend leaning against a support beam, quaking. Then I saw why he was. A Healer-ape with a particularly large axe glowing with green fire was closing in on him, howling like a banshee.

I spewed poison over him, my acid melting through his body till he was a smoking puddle of grey liquid.

The human stared up at me fearfully. I grinned as best I could and turned to the remaining creatures - two smaller apes.

They exchanged glances before fleeing, pushing eachother over in their desperation to get out.

I roared a dragon laugh which shook several cans from the sparse shelves of the warehouse. And every second that I laughed, I could feel Spyro's human eyes watching me with fear and awe.

The End

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