Ross: Getting to San FransiscoMature

After getting constant rides from random drivers, me and Dave finally got to San Fransisco. After a short look about, Dave showed me where the abandoned warehouse that i saw was located.

After one look, it was definately the place, and also after that one look it didnt look good at all. I heard very disgusting sounds coming from within, and with my very curious nature i went inside to see what was going on.

When i opened the door i saw various dead things and a dragon chewing on some bones. Dave just silently cursed and backed off, and I would of done the same but i got the feeling again. Something made me think that I should walk toward it, so I did and it just looked at me with its huge bulking eyes.

Suddenly there was a crashing noise, and the dragon looked to its side and got up, making it look 10 times as tall as it was before.

More of these random creatures ran in, apart from they looked like bigger variants: stronger, more agile and they wielded better weapons.

The dragon swiped its claw and smacked one into the wall beside me, I picked up its weapon which was some form of iron mace to defend myself with. I dont know why i was helping the dragon, but all the doors appear to have been shut and i would have to defend myself.

The End

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