Taylor: UnleashedMature

I closed my eyes, concentrating.

The best part of my life was this and this alone.

I felt them sprout from my back, stirring the dust on the warehouse
floor as they beat the air.

Next came my legs. Scales began to form, crawling upwards like demented insects, plating together – like armor.

My spine cracked as it changed shape, sending my arms crashing to the floor.
I was now unable to hold myself upright on my hindquarters.

A tail swept the floor behind me, flicking an old pop can aside. I beat my
incredibly strong wings, allowing them to carry me upward through the broken
skylight above. The cool night air blew across my face, whistling past my horns.

The transformation was complete.

I spotted them. A small party of grublins were making their way towards my
little hideout. Well, well. They’d finally realized where I was in regards to
the general area of the warehouse.

They raised their clubs to the sky above, noticing me. Shit, I thought.

Now I’d have to eat the little grass imps.

The End

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