Ross: Just Feels RightMature

I grasped my head, as the pain hadn't gone away for hours. I continuously had dreams about being attacked by things I havn't seen before. What made it worse was that i also had other dreams about being a dragon. As cool as that would be I just don't see how I would even want to dream about that.

But today I dreamt something different, that there was a girl who looked familiar but i have never seen her before. She was in a warehouse, it looked long abandoned, and it was near the sea.

I was at my mate Dave's, he was the only guy i could trust, the only guy i could tell these kind of things to.

"That warehouse your talking about, it sounds familiar... There something that sounds almost identical in San Fransisco" Dave explained

"Something tells me I should go there, makes me think something important is there" I replied

"Hmm, we could go, but i don't think you could just go without telling your parents, who will most likely say no"

"Sneak out it is then... It may seem like nothing, but something just tells me that this is more important than anything"

As i assured myself that i was going to San Fransisco, my headache seemed to have gone lighter. It was almost as if it was like my mind telling me to do this.


The End

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