The Legend of Spyro: Rise of the HumansMature

What if Spyro and Cynder were reborn as humans after 'Dawn of the Dragon'?
(Closed collab between VictoriaGlass and Mr.Fisherman!)



Taylor sharpened the edge of the knife on the stone, scraping it till sparks flew up.

The knife was wrapped in the bundle they found her in when she was a baby.

It was engraved with markings and symbols that even the most knowledgeable scholar could not identify.

The symbol that Taylor knew, however, amongst the many twisting curving images on the knife, was the marking for ‘dragon,’…

She knew not how she knew it – only that she did.

It was one of many clues in her life that didn’t make sense.


When Taylor sleeps she dreams of flying.

 Of clouds streaking past her and birds flying around her, squawking in protest.

Every time, in that dream, she would look down at the ground below to see that it had been laid to waste, fire spewing from charred rock, people screaming as they were tortured.


Hell lay below her as she flew in the sapphire blueness of the sky.

And a voice was laughing at her, calling her name, trying to knock her out of the sky.


Taylor closed her eyes, clearing her mind of the memory. A memory. What if her dreams were memories?

She shivered at the thought. Sliding her knife back into its leather pouch, she stood and gazed around at her lonely home – an abandon warehouse on Seventh Street.

For once she wished she could fly.

Fly away from her life.

And live again.

The End

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