Doctor Limos (?Human?) and Peter (?Thick Neck?): Coming Adjustments

Doctor Limos flipped through some papers, "Peter I have your psychological evaluation here."

Peter visibly grimaced, Doctor Limos lightened him up with the good news, "you appear--well stable enough to be cleared into our vampyric production trial. Her powers seems to confirm that we need many more subjects to monitor. And well--we are at the level of endangered species that I am surprised PETA has not started protesting vampyr murder."

Peter's smile got quite wide, Doctor Limos looked through the rest of the papers, "also we have some people at MIT interested in our little Movie Star here. We mentioned that some people do not think vampyrs are capable of feeling emotions. In the lacking of any real AI to pass the Turing Test, we figured, why not use the only human test we really have--minus the nearly completely ineffective and flawed Voight Wagner Test."

Peter looked over at a Tv on the wall--it was running a religious spiel. Doctor Limos shut it off, "it is a shame that the Church really does not need much time to come up with a spin as to the 'sin of vampyrs'. Here they have taken the bit on the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, Kane and Able, the Crow from Noah's Ark--and various misquotes from Levidicus--to point them as right."

Peter spits, "lets see--Kane and Able was used for the why the Black Civil Rights movement was bad. Never mind, that Kane was given great abilities to potentially remake the Garden of Eden with his gift from god. Then Adam and Eve was used for why the Woman's Civil Rights movement was silly. Completely ignoring that the Garden of Eden was a full on trap that the serpent pointed out afterwards. Next we have some crap about 'sleeping with men as you would with women' and Sodom and Gahmorrah as to why homosexuals cannot get rights. Never mind most gays would never think of sleeping with women in the ways they want men. Or that Sodom and Gahmorrah was only attacked for being a huge party and not inviting the Old Testament God."

Doctor Limos sighs, "give them enough time for any new development, and they can misquote and misdirect several passages to their followers. Seems that only the people who have read the books know why this is garbage. They also have started referring to our Movie Star as 'The Harlot' from Revelations. Saying that she will cause end times."

"Heh--well, then we should still have another few tens of thousands of years before the end times actually come... any day now." Peter laughs, "this God guy really is not as punctual as his followers make him out to be."

Peter ran to the room, with Limos following him, Addressing the Movie Star vampyr, "Hi, anyways, it is about time that we did a proper evaluation on your physical health. Afterwards, we are well--going to do a psychological evaluation for the purposes of proving that vampyrs do feel emotions and are of a human equivalent intelligence. Come right this way."

Doctor Limos lead the couple to a medical check out room. There was a small stall in it. Mister Poros was also waiting here. "Mister Poros, if you'd step into the booth, so as to show our guest what will occur."

The overweight dark man stepped into the booth. Doctor Limos hits a few controls on a nearby desk, and a rather detailed picture of Mister Poros and various internal organs appeared on a screen on the wall. "Here, we are using simple bands of EMR to tell the insides of Mister Poros. Like an over powered booth equivalent to seeing a baby inside a pregnant woman. It is amazing what science gives us."

Mister Poros continues, "this same technology is what allowed us to map out various vampyr headquarters."

Doctor Limos frowns, "I am personally disappointed that more vampyrs did not clue in, and started putting up Faraday Cages to make it harder. Never mind that--" Doctor Limos taps a few more buttons. A small window appears on the screen with a set of map coordinates via GPS, "we have mapped out quite a few EMI blind spots on this map. Either as black, indicating an EMI blackout--hence a Faraday cage in place. Or the white, indicating an EMI disturbance producing too much static for us to map it out."

"It kind of shamed us, how easy it became to well--hunt nosferatu down. It was no longer the vampyrs that were the monsters--but well.. us." Mister Poros elaborated.

"Between bunker missiles with a sunlight bomb as a payload, our study on Vitamin D toxicity levels (to explain sunlight's fatality and day walkers)--what it was about wooden stakes that immobilised vampyrs (but not kill--typically)... and well, the little phobia vampyrs have on garlic."

The female vampyr pipes up, "what do you mean phobia?"

Doctor Limos replies, "oh--seems Garlic does nothing to a vampyr outside of scaring the crap to the point of stress failure. Seems that there were certain creatures that fed on vampyrs millenia ago. These creatures were full on demonic. Seeing the 'full blood' vampyrs as half bred demons, and any of the others as minor variants of humans. These hunting demons smelled like really strong and thick garlic. Leading to the reason Garlic was used--it smelled like a stronger evil."

Mister Poros adds, "it is mostly the same reason why humans are scared of snakes and spiders. Regardless of if the spider or snakes are really harmful."

Mister Poros steps out, "since you are much more valuable to us alive, this means that we are going to be running various medical check ups on you. To the point that we make certain to ensure our more elite squadrons (or otherwise stressful positions) are in tip top health."

Dr. Limos motions for their movie star to enter.

The End

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