Ellicia : Hope

Violet collapsed, dry sobs escaping from her, Marcus lay on the floor, a single bulette through his head. An idea hit me as i remembered things I had discovered after sneaking into the organisation's lab.

"We can save him" I exclaimed "We can save Marcus"

"How? A hunter bullet is deadly-"

I shook my head "Not until the effects of it hit home, that takes about an hour"


"Leave it Ellicia" Onyx hissed

"Oh will you stop that Onyx, I didn't mean that. I mean jeez, thats just stupid"

"How?" Violet demanded

"Blood sustains you guys right...like your life force."

They waited and I watched as Sidney lay deffencless "Doctor Limos was working on a project, a way to reverse the deadly effects of the hunter bullets. But he abandoned the project, branded it a lost cause."

"How does that help Marcus?"

"Vampire hunters put in their own concoktion of the opposite thing to your life force, elliminating you. A concoktion that is unique to their familly's specific genetic structure"


I sighed "So....see that symbol?that was my great great grandfather's weapon, all you need to do to reverse the effect is apply the specific life force to the wound" I waited, looking at every single face to see if they got it.

The End

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