Violet: You heartless b****!

I couldn't beleive my eyes as Marcus died in front of me.  Sidney had a satisfied grin on her face.

'How dare you?'  I was full of rage, anger, greif and hurt which made me a formidable opponent.  'You heartless-'  I threw myself at her knocking her weapon from her hand and throwing her to the floor.  I was going to kill her, the animal inside me was baying for her blood.

Hands grabbed me and pulled me back, away from Sidney lying on the floor sniggering to herself.

'Let me go Luke, I need to kill her.'

'And what good will that do?  Just two dead vampires, it's not going to bring Marcus back.'  I let myself flop into Luke's arms and I cried.  Well I didn't actually cry, vampires can't because we have no tears but I gave it a good try.

'That's right, listen to pretty boy.  You couldn't take me out anyway, you just don't have the power.'  Now I felt the anger rising inside me again.

'You want to test that theory?'

The End

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