Sitting Silently Still

I tipped the blood bak down my throat from the vial. It was cold. Yuck. I grimaced hugely, and Peter laughed beside me.

"No good?" he asked. I shook my head. The docter came bacck in. Limous? Is tat his name?

"Excuse me Docter?"

"Hhhm?" he turned to me.

I swung my legs a little. "May I drink from you? Only from your hand?"


"It won't turn you, don't worry!"

"If you wish." He gave his palm forward hesitantly. I pressed it to my lips, then bit slowly. I drank, and I watched his face, as I looked into his eyes. I took my fangs away, and kissed the tiny marks. The docter wiggled his fingers, looking at his hands. "You have powers?"

"I can heal with a kiss, and can read the latest though from people." I said proudly.

"Just sit and wait here, ok? I need to talk to Peter alone."

"Ok." I smiled as they walked out. I sat, still, silent. I watched them talkin from behind glass. They seemed to be talking about me... 

The End

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