Violet: Prove it

I looked at Marcus' peaceful face.  I could describe the overflowing love I felt when I gently toched my fingers to his cold face.  His eyes slowly fluttered open.

'Hey, how are you feeling?'

'A little rough.'  He still managed to smile which made me happy.

'Luke's gone to give us some privacy.'  OK then here goes.  'Who is she then?  Sidney?'  I had to know the answer even if it meant I would hurt inside.

'I knew her years ago.  She was upset so I was friendly to her but she thought it was more.  She went back to her father and I haven't seen her since.  I heard she was locked up somewhere but I don;t believe it.'  He had pulled himself into a sitting position while he was saying this.  His face was very close to mine.

'You know...we kissed.'

'Yes.'  His eyes were fixed on my face.

'Did it mean something to you?'  I closed my eyes not wanting to have to look at him if he said no.

'Yes it did, or course it did.'  Our foreheads were now touching and his hands went around my waist pulling me closer.  'I think I love you Violet.'  I was so happy.  He loved me.

'How touching.'  I spun around to see Sidney standing at the end of the bed sneering at us.  'It won't last you know.  Vampire are incapable of feelings, especially him.'  She almost spat on Marcus as she came towards us.  I stood protectively over his bed as she stopped so our noses were almost touching.  'He'll get bored of you and find someone new.'

'I would never do that.'

'You did it to me.'  She tried to get to Marcus but I blocked her path to the bed.

'Don't touch him don't go anywhere near him.'  My fangs were out, ready to fight.

'You think I'm scared of you.'  She was mocking me now.  'Don't make me laugh.  I could take you down in an instant.'

'Do you want to prove that?'

The End

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