I smiled at Ivy. Finally some one who understands me. Well... Sort of anyways. No one really undertsands me I guess... but oh well. That's what you get for being the odd one of the family. My mom died giving birth to me, and appearently my two older sisters were very close to my mother. They forever had a grudge on me. My father was always ashamed of me.  A rumer went around that I was a cursed baby. The kids at learning part of this cave took it seriously. They never let me in on their games. They laughed or mocked everything I said. Even if it was a complment. They rejected me in every single way possible. Plus my two sisters never played with me. When ever they had to, they would always lcok me in a cold dark room, and sometimes it would take days for some one to realize I was gone and arange a search party. No one wanted me here. So I ran away. That's when I met him. Marcus. I was crying by a fountain, and everyone else ignored me, thinking that I was some whore who just realized her life was a mess. Marcus sat by me, and gave me a listening ear. I fell in love ith him then. The next day, he convinced me to go back and tell everyone that we were going to get married. I felt so wonderful, but when I got back my father locked me in my room, and I wasn't alowd to leave. The darkness and the stone gets to you after awile. I felt my mind slowly go elsewhere. I felt myself just wanting to die. For a year I just sat on that coffin. Never eating, never sleeping. Just sitting and waiting. Waiting for what? I don't know. Maybe death? Some one to take me away from my misery?

It never happened.

That's when I realized it. Vampires don't have any feelings. They are all emotionless beings. There is no reason for us living. That's when I came up with the plan to kill all vampires. I then killed my father, but I never knew my oldest sister would be there. She told everyone. I was then locked in that room once more. I had a two year sentence. And then I heard from outside the door that mysterious vampires had arrived, and well... You know the rest. Marcus doesn't even care about me I don't think. Why didn't he come save me after I was gone for such a long time? Obviously I didn't mean that much to him. 

The End

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