Why is it that when I like a guy they always seem to end up unconcious.  This time it wasn't my fault.  I was furious at Sidney for knocking Marcus out like that, it was uncalled for.

Going underground was scarier than I thought.  Sidney stopped to talk to this girl, I think they said her name was Ivy but Luke and I followed the man carrying Marcus.  He put him down on a bed in the corner of the room.  It felt like a hospital ward.  I hated hospitals.

'I will be back in a moment.'  Sidney's uncle left us.

I sat on the end of the bed and watched Marcus' face waiting for his eyes to open.  I felt Luke's hand on my shoulder.

'He'll be OK you know.  It comes with the whole vampire thing, we're pretty hard to get rid of.'  I appreciated his efforts to make the mood light but I still couldn't laugh.  'I saw the two of you.  When you kissed him.'  I couldn't look at Luke, he must hate me.

'You probably never want to see me again.'

'No.  I like you Violet, just as a friend.'  Although I felt a slight wave of relief at hearing this there was also a sharp stab of pain as he finally said he wasn't interested.  'You two will make a great couple.'

The End

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