Note- If I write anyone's character wrong, please tell me!

I look at the vampire sat next to me. I still can't quite believe she got rid of the wound on my arm. Correction, mess that used to be my arm. I have another look. Nope, definitely healed. I turn to her and she smiles again.

"How- how did you know my name?" I ask, bewildered.

"Powers. Let's get you out of here," she says, pulling my arm. I follow her past all the others- I don't know anyone's names- and into a large cave, not unlike the one I just left but bigger.

"Um... sorry, but who are you?" I ask, nervously.

"My name is Sidney. I don't think vampires are natural, therefore, I don't like them. I'm guessing you feel similar?" Sidney replies. I think about this before answering.

"Not really. I hate being hunted even when I don't do anything to be hunted for. And it's all the fault of that stupid one who bit me," I say, failing to disguise the malice in my voice.

"Well Ivy, I could really do with someone to help me. It's not easy trying to get rid of vampires when you happen to be one."

"Do you mean..." My voice comes out shocked. Sidney nods.

"Okay, I'll help you," I say.

The End

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