I can't lie to you, when Sidney threw her arms around Marcus I could see the adoration in her eyes and it felt like someone had stuck a knife in my stomach and was twisting it.

'Don't you remember me?'  His expression changed from shock to recognition.

'Yes, I do.'  I backed away from this touching reunion, feeling sick and hurt.  I don't know why I felt so betrayed, I was the one who was desperately in love with two guys.  Just like that Luke appeared out of nowhere and leaned against the wall next to me.

'Look at that.'  He nodded towards Sidney and Marcus who were obviously deep in conversation.  'Who'd have thought it, Marcus actually cares about someone other than himself.'

'Don't say that about him.  There's more to Marcus that you think.'  I had obviously sounded more aggressive than I had intended because Luke took a step backwards.

'Sorry I didn't know you felt like that.'

'I'm sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you, it's just...'

'I know.  It's confusing.'  He smiled my favourite smile but this time it didn't turn my legs to jelly.  Then it hit me.  I did love Marcus, I had just been too blind to see it.  And now I'd lost him.

'What do I do Luke?'

The End

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