Ellicia: well, that was fun.

We got through the trap door just in time.

"What happened?" I heard violet from somewhere else in the room

Sidney's eyes flew open, raider grabbed her wrists "Let me go!" she yelled

Raider explained about her plan and Sidney interupted "I'll kill you all!"

"Sidney, your not a killer. Why are you doing this?" Raider asked her.

"Why are you being so polite?! If you dont remember about 5 minutes ago she was ready to kill everyone even you! I'm sorry but your just going to act like that diodn't happen?!" i was surprised at Onyx, she never went off like that. Then again she only just found out about her parents and Sidney tried to kill Raider....

Onyx, calm down. You try get into her head whilst her defences are down.

"Look. We need to get to the point. How many vampires are down there Sidney? And why are you doing this?" I looked her strait in the eye, determind to get some awnsers and keep Onyx's temper under wraps.


The End

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