I started backing off. "Sidney..." I whispered. "Why? I thought..."

"What? You thought that we could be together? That I really liked you?"

"Yes... You're crazy."

"Maybe." I saw it again in her eyes, though I still couldn't pinpoint it- and I tried to run. I expected to hear gunshot, but instead I heard a small shriek. I turned around.

"Onyx! Ellicia!" I cried. Sidney was face-down in the dirt, and both of them stood behind her. "I- Onyx! I should have seen!"

"Yes." Ellicia answered for her. "You were stupid."

"Let's go." I said. I heard some noises somewhere near. "There's more- in the caves. Vampires." I looked at Sidney.

"Do not tell me-"

"Yes." I snapped. "Let's take her. Not because I have any feelings for her."  I grabbed Sidney's arm, and she started to stand on her own, mumbling. I grabbed the vampire gun that had fallen on the floor and handed it to Onyx. "We'll get rid of it after."

When we got to the door, I quickly thrust it open. "Let's go!" I shouted. We all ran through the horde of zombies. We were just able to avoid them. Soon we got to the trapdoor. A large box sat near, and I grabbed it.

I put it under the trapdoor, and motioned for Onyx and Ellicia to climb up. They quickly opened the door, and climbed up. I placed Sidney on the box, and the two pulled her up by her wrists.

"C'mon..." I said. The zombies were coming closer and closer... Finally I was able to get through. I quickly climbed up, and breathed a sigh of relief. Everyone else stood around, gaping.

"What happened?" Violet said, shocked. I noticed that we were all quite dirt- and dust-covered, and Sidney was just opening her eyes. Suddenly she became quite awake. I grabbed her wrists, and held on.

She struggled. "Let me go!" She glared with enmity at everyone around.

"She wanted to kill all vampires." I said. "She did killed Samantha, the daughter, I think, of the leader of all the Vampires that live down there." They all looked at me with shock.

"I'll kill you all!" Sidney yelled. And finally I analysed the feeling in her eyes. Not madness- it was sadness.

The End

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