Samantha looked from me to Raider.

"You know what the council will say about this," she said with an evil smirk.

"I do know," I informed her.

"So you are rebelling I see?"

"No. Just a change of plans," I took out my gun that I secretly had in my pocket.

"How the hell did you get a vampire hunter's gun?" Raider asked looking shocked.

"Isn't it obvious?" I asked looking at him. He looked from me to Samantha.

"I don't get it," He finally said.

"Samantha is a pure blood vampire. Only pure bloods can turn people into vampires. And I have a vampire hunter gun and I'm planning on killer her. Is it starting to make sense now?" I asked. I was quite annoyed. Raider shook his head.

"The council has been in these caves for years. No. For centuries. They are the vampires who made up the rules. About how it isn't illegal to kill a vampire. How pure bloods are on a higher level than the rest of us,” I explained. "I think of this as unfair and not complete justice. Of course, we can't really bring this to a court or start a war without bringing attention to the existence of vampires. As the secret as been kept a secret since back in medieval times where the king ruling at the time claimed that all of our kind had been defeated. He had been wrong. A group of pure bloods decided to band together and turn every single human they saw into vampires. They then brought the turned humans across the border, up into the Arctic, and all the way here where they built a colony. This council is still here deep within the caves."

"Get to the point," Samantha said, sounding annoyed.

"The point is, is that what the council did was wrong. Very wrong. They shouldn't have turned all of those poor humans into vampires. And they are still doing it. No one knows why, but i have a hunch. The council always said that one day, they wanted to get revenge on the humans. Since vampires are much stronger than humans, I think that what they are trying to do is gather all the vampires they can find, and start a war with he humans. Which would lead to a World War 3." Samantha and Raider were staring at me.

"So why all the drastic measures?" Samantha asked, crossing her arms.

"I figure, that if I kill you, the council will have to stop there planning and figure out who did the murder, because you are the leader's daughter."

"So why did you knock out those two humans?" Samantha asked.

"Because Onyx is actually part of a rare breed of pureblood." I said.

"What? But she's a human! That can't be possible!" Raider protested.

"But it is. Onyx's mother had a very low percentage of vampire blood in her. Which made it possible to turn her into a rare pureblood, and also Onyx isn't her father’s baby. Onyx's father is actually a pureblood that was killed a year later. But years later, someone turned her into a vampire, and then was of course hunted down by the vampire hunters. Right before she died, she gave birth to Onyx. Onyx wasn't due until two months later. But she was healthy and seemed to have a higher IQ than normal babies. It's because the person who turned Onyx's mother into a vampire, was one of the council members. They were sent out on a secret mission I don’t know how many years ago to find this mother, and turn her into a full vampire. One that would be the most powerful vampire of all. And since Onyx is the daughter, and if she was ever got bit by a pureblood vampire, she would be even more powerful than her mother."

"But get down to the point of all this!" Raider demanded.

"If Onyx is kept in a secret room, they can't use her to kill the humans, and if I kill all the purebloods, no new vampires can be made! Don't you get it?" Raider looked at me blankly, but the answer popped into Samantha's mind.

"You are trying to make vampires go extinct," Samantha said. I smiled to show her she was right on the dot.

"But why?" Raider asked.

"Because there is no room for vampires in this world. We are just a menace. We are not needed on this Earth. It is said that vampires came from beyond the moon. f that's true then why didn't we stay there? Vampires are greedy so it probably had to do with wanting more food, or wanting more land. It's all evil anyways. We are evil. Nothing awaits us except death and then we get to burn forever in hell."

"I don't think so," Raider said. "Vampires are just like any other being. We have emotions. We feel pain, love, sadness, and even happiness. We do feel lonely at times, but that's just what our personality is. You can't get rid of a creature just because it has no point. What do mosquitoes do? All they do is suck you blood and spread diseases, but no one gets rid of them. You just have to live with it."

"Well I'm not," I said. I started to pull the trigger. The gun faced Samantha. I knew she'd let me kill her. She may look strong and snobby on the outside but she's actually very depressed.


Samantha died. I shot her in the head. She gave one last final smile, and then exploded into a million shards of glass.

The End

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