Fiona: ?Vampyr?

Fiona was dragging the dead cow behind her. She momentarily had removed the blindness from lack of food with something she ate in the Farm Factory. She did not bother reading the reports.

The big words hurt her head due to how much she felt like she was starving. Maybe--if she could get more food.

She drags the cow back to the mountain she lived in. She could digest it--so at least she was lucky that way. She just wish somebody could read the papers that her late husband stuffed onto her person to her. Her vision was too blurry most of the time to read it--and when she ate enough to remove that, her head still hurt far too much to make sense of anything beyond "see spot run" or "big red ball".

She enters into one of the cave entrances--why was she so hungry?

Well--with the vampyric threat these days, nobody seemed to mind her raids on the local farm factory. She had seen a few security guards--usually the turn over rate of the people working there was high.

She was just really hungry. She trips over a crate. She opens it. Vials of blood--from... well she could not read where. The colour scheme looked similar to the Institute.

She drinks some one of them. Shakes her head. This stuff was delicious. It did not fill her--but she could see a little better. It--it was the institute's supplies. She pouts--why where there institute supplies here? She looks down--a Hunter van near one of the other entrances.

Well--they finally got her. The fight--it was over. Well, may as well finish off the cow she took. She breaks off a leg--looking at the van below.

The End

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