I felt the need to protect Sidney. This other vampire suddenly appeared. "You are in so much trouble Sidney." she said. I growled at her.

"Don't..." I said. She sneered. I turned to Sidney, and she had a look of stricken... nearly horror, on her face. "Sidney? Who is she?"


"I'm Samantha. And Sidney, you are in so much trouble. Who's he?" She pointed at me.

"I'm Raider. And I suppose you want to take Sidney back? You want to chain her forever to this dank, dismal place?"

"Dismal?" she nearly cackled.

"What do we do?" I asked Sidney. "There's her, or there's the zombies out there."

"Run." she said. I grabbed her hand, but before we could reach the door, Samantha was in front of us.

"Not so fast." she said.

The End

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