I stare at Violet with sad eyes. I want her so badly. Why can't she love me back? Who wouldn't love me back?

"Hey," Lilian says from behind the couch.

"Howdy," I repl.

"HELLO EVERYBODY!" Emily squeels as she enters the room. "There are so many pretty flowers in the garden! YOU GUYS SHOULD SOOOOOOO COME AND SEEE THEM!"

"Emily. You are so annoying. Just shut-up." Janelle says, but then slips and falls face first to the floor.

"At least I'm not a clus."

"I believe it's 'clutz. And at least I'm no stupid."

"at least I'm not in love with Lilian,"

"UMMM. You're the one in love with Lilian."

"Oh yeah," Emily says sighing. Lilian looks from Emily to Janelle.

"What?" He finally says.

"OH MY GOSH. I'M SUCH A DUMMY! I gave away the fact that I'm in love with Lilian, and that I've been in love with him ever since he turned me into a vampire! Oops... I said that outloud didn't I?"

"Yeah--" Janelle is about to say.

"OH WEELLL!" Emily says.

"Oh... I see." Lilian than gets lost in thought.

"WHO DO YOU LIKE?" Emily asks with a big grin spread across her face.

"Well... I've sort of... Always liked...." Everyone leaned in to hear his answer. "Janelle."

The End

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