I hit the ground and keep on running, cursing the vampire who'd bitten me under my breath. I would have liked to stay human, but I wouldn't actually mind being a true vampire. Anything would be better than this. The vampire had been killed almost as soon as they'd bitten me, but it had been enough. I got the immortality and I don't get eaten. Good thing? No. I also get hunted, and I didn't get anything that helps with running away. I run down an alley, hoping to throw the hunters off track. The I see my mistake, in the form of more hunters blocking the other end of the alley. I curse my luck, I'm trapped. Suddenly I see a huge patch of, ironically, ivy covering one wall. It's crazy, but what choice do I have? I start to climb up and then across, but as I reach the corner there is an ominous tearing sound as the ivy comes away from the wall and I plummet to the ground. I pick myself up and run, I'm more likely to die if I stay still. After a while I can run no more and collapse in a heap. My last thought before I fall unconscious is I hope they don't find me...

The End

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