Ellicia: Blackout

Onyx decided to check out the rest of this place, since Sidney had us trapped down here we might aswell pay a little visit to her relatives, afterall they should know where she is. Something stopped us, we had to turn back and we had to do it now.

Onyx! What are those things?!

I dont know!

Onyx had sensed Raider and Sidney come down, we had to warn him.

We have to warn him Ellicia, Sidney is bad news!

Okay Onyx, but you have to do it. Your closer to him than me.

Onyx nodded and we ran in the direction we had come. We spotted Raider instantly and stood just across from him.


Onyx fell to the floor, Iglared at Sidney knowing she was responsible "Sid-" then everything went black.

The End

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