I went with Sidney, and I felt quite happy. She smiled, taking my hand. She's lovely, I thought to myself. We went down into the trapdoor. I noticed it was dark, dusty, and cold.

"You lived here?" I asked.

"Yes." she answered.

"I'm sorry..."

"It's okay." We heard more people down there, and something moved in the shadows. Onyx came forward. She looked scared. Ellicia was right behind her.

"Raider!" she cried.

"Onyx? What is it?" I immediately deducted there was something wrong.

"Raider, Sid-" she paused a moment, looking fearfully at Sidney, then collapsed.

"Onyx!" I said. I kneeled beside her. She had fainted.

"She's okay." Sidney said, a frown on her face. Ellicia stood behind Onyx, looked up at Sidney, before collapsing too. Both of them still had a pulse, but it was strange... Both fainted at nearly the same time, both looking at Sidney.

"Sidney, we might want to take them up. They've obviously been scared." She looked at me a moment. I caught a flash of something in her eyes and her expression.

I wasn't able to catch more than a glimpse before they came in. "What are they?" I hissed.

"Zombies." she answered.

The End

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