Doctor Limos (?Human?)

Doctor Limos had walked into the room with the results on Peter's fitness test. Doctor Limos was delivering them for the physician who ran them. Faculty staff had regular fitness test on them--this was an institute that originally served to kill vampyrs. Doctor Limos was mostly going over them--for Peter's purposes as a thick neck. Doctor Limos seeing who had been nicknamed "The Movie Star" put his psychic static up right away.

The results where necessary to create the thick neck augmentation that appeared natural on Peter. If the neck augment put off pheromones that were mismatched with the wearer--it would have caused issues. The nosferatu virus, in its targeting of DNA proteins did some odd things with the senses of the person they hit. I mean--since it was typically the same proteins they could match up what a vampyr should be able to sense--which helped the institute out a lot at first, it only showed that it would be best to make the thick neck augmentation as natural as possible.

Doctor Limos walked over to Peter--inspecting his neck, plays it up a little, "hmmm--your old field hockey injury has been showing up again has it? I will talk to the cosmetic department about their rushed job. That really was sloppy."

Peter giggles at the use of the word, "field hockey." Thinking about it being a joke in junior high that it was only girls that played that. Usually involving a lot of "stick handling" jokes between him and his friends.

Doctor Limos turns to The Movie Star, "anyways, I suppose you are kind of curious of our history? An institute like us, designed to hunt out and kill vampyrs, turning leaf and helping them."

Doctor Limos puts the papers away--no need to flash them around, "you may note that after a while, we stopped leaving vampyr bodies behind. Dragging them off, rather than our previous activity of incinerating them on the spot. That was my--"

Doctor Limos gulps, "doing. Unfortunately, I am the man responsible for many of the modern vampyr warfare weaponry. It was mostly due to studying of the cadavers the soldiers brought back.

"It irked me however. I am a doctor, with some medical knowledge. I am not a mortician. I find more to love in the healthy living. My first instinct was to find a cure."

Doctor Limos pulls out his wife's locket--runs it back and forth in one hand, "that did not really turn out as well as I had thought it would."

Doctor Limos was near to tears whenever he looked at it. He pulls out a vial of blood from his pocket, and hands it to The Movie Star, "I started thinking--humans started up agriculture to keep from having to hunt too many animals."

He hands the vial to the movie star, "however to have humans volunteer for slaughter seemed--a little silly. And not a solution. I decided to simply start using various, well then, fringe technologies to grow blood in a clone-like fashion."

Doctor Limos looking at the blood in the vial, tilting his head, "it is kind of funny, that in us trying to study your biology to find out better ways to kill you had the odd side effect of us also knowing how to heal you better. Kind of ironic in a very macabre way."

Doctor Limos turns and walks out, "Peter, these reports will be in my office in the morning--and... take good care of our Movie Star, okay?"

The End

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