Belleza: We Meet Again.

In all the fuss, I slipped out of the room, holding my parasol up, leaning it on my shoulder, taking slow steps forwards, looking round. I pulled the elastic from my hair, wincing. I threw it away, and lett my hair begin to slid from the plait.

I loved having my hair down. I made me look pretty. One guy walked pst as I was shaking my hair back, and he bumped into an open door. Perfect. I giggled, then turned, to wlk down the corridor.

I stopped, to see the guy, Peter, sat in a room, aparently asleep. I pushed the door lightly, and went to his side. it looked like he'd been operated on. On his neck. Stitching or something. I stroked his face gently, and smiled. "We meet again." I whispered, just as he groaned, and opened his eyes.

"Oh! Hey." he said with a smile. I managed to catch his last thought before getting his neck sorted. "Being biten is hot? That doesn't make sense. Sure it wasn't me healing it?"

"What did you do to heal it?" He asked, sitting up. I lifted my palm, and bit into it, showing him. I kissed it, then wiped away the blood, showing him only a faint mark.

"Gifted Vampyre, huh?"

"I'm Belleza. Pureblood." I smiled, kissing his cheek lightly. I laughed at his expression. "It's how I greet my friends." I chuckled. Then, I guy in a lab coat walked in. " are you? Why are you here?" he asked crossly.

Peter placed his hand on mine. "Don't worry, it's only the doctor. Sir, this is Belleza. The Vampyre girl." I stood, and gave a bow. I stepped forwards, and kissed his cheek lightly, standing on my tip toes.

"I hope we can be good friends." I smiled.

The End

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