Sidney: Hehe

I smiled as I stare down at the trap door.

"What happened to them?" Violet asked. She doesn't trust me.

"They say they are looking around." Don't mind the zombies. They dislike strangers. I thought to them.

"What should we do while we're waiting?" Violet asked. Marcus looked at Violet and raised his eyebrows."Oh shut-up Marcus!"

"I know. Why don't we follow them." I suggest. "I think everyone down there would be very happy to see more vampires. They all think that they're the only ones left so..."

"I agree with Sidney," Raider says. Perfect, exactly as planned.

"I don't. Who knows what kind of death traps are down there," Violet says. Oh shut up you slut. "And who will stay with Luke?"

"You can if you want," I suggest.

"Well I'm going," Raider says. "What about you Marcus?" Marcus looks from Me to Violet.

"I dunno. I'll... Uhh... I'll stay here I guess." He says with a crooked smile, and looks at Violet. "We need some alone time," Violet rolls her eyes.

"Alright then. Let's go Raider." I say with a wink. EXACTLY AS PLANNED.

The End

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