Onyx: Trapped

I was still laying on the couch, but everyone had gone to do something else. Raider and Sydney were talking. I still couldn't believe it, I had never felt this jealouse before! I connected with Ellicia.

Do you think Raider likes the new girl? I asked.

Well she sure does seem to like him.

I think she is trying to get to him or something, I don't know.

Maybe she is, she was very hostile to Marcus.

Yea, hey do you want to scout out the rest of this place?

Sure, I was meaning to do that. Will you be ok?

Yea, I think it was just because I haven't gotten enough sleep. We both stood at the same time. I grabbed a flashlight, and a pocket knife, just in case. Ellicia also got a flashlight. We stepped towards the place were we saw Sydney jump out of. We opened the hatch, and it screached. Violet, and Marcus looked up from their conversation. By then Violet knew I could telepathically talk to people.

Where are ya'll going? She asked.

We are scouting out the rest of the place. I replied. She nodded, then turned back to Marcus. We desended down the stairs with the door still open. Once we hit the bottom step it snapped shut, we both turned around.

"What's with the door,"Ellicia asked.

"I don't know," I was scared. I had never been trapped before. We ran back up the steps pounding on the door.

"OPEN THE DOOR," we said together.

Now you can never get out! The person darkly chuckled, then I noticed the voice.

Sydney. I hissed. I felt her nod through the connection.

The one and only. She was still standing on the door.

Well since your standing there, I think we could pay a little visit to your clan. Then I walked away, I knew I had felt other minds in the caves. I connected with one.

Excuse me, I'm Onyx, can you please tell us where to reach you? We are at the door that leads to the top. I said.

"Just follow my voice," someone said. Then I grabbed Ellicia's hand and pulled her twards the voice.

The End

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