Belleza: May I?

I looked around, smiling at all of them. I noticed one of them had a bleeding arm, from a fall maybe. I stepped slowly forwards. "May I?" I asked softly. The man gulped, the camera round his neck shaking. I licked the blood, then kissed it lightly, watching it heal up. The man looked at it in awe, prodding the new skin.

"Could you pose for me a moment, miss?" he asked, holding the camaera up. I smiled, and posed once for him to take a few pictures.

Then, a few men entered the room. "We're here to escourt you." One said. I looked up at him. I began to circle him, and the others watched.

"You are not...afraid of me?"

"No, miss."


"Yes miss."

"May I? It won't hurt, I promise." I smiled, standing on the step, and bit as softly as I could into his shoulder. I gulped a few mouthfuls, before healing it wih a kiss.

"Thank you, friend." I smiled, kissing his cheek lightly. They began to lead me from the room, and we were crowded by scientists and photographers.

The End

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