Doctor Limos (?Human?): What do you mean, The Laundry Pile?


Doctor Limos was going over the last of the samples he pulled in the lab from that young vampyr girl. He was having issues replicating the blood samples. Trying to grow them. Their genetic age did not seem to allow too long of a life for this blood.

Hmm--maybe a blood giving campaign for young teens or preteens girls would be in order? Doctor Limos considered the idea of advertising for them to help out "blood disease related research fields". He could not flat out call it vampyr blood farming, could he?

Doctor Limos' HTC starts to ring. He answers it, "what do you mean, 'the laundry pile'? ...Have you been into the girls underwear again? ... You sound flustered. ... Have you been drinking? ... Oh! Now you say..."

Doctor Limos--probably too angry at him self to see that one of the vampyrs had stayed behind when the others ran off when he pulled his own folly hangs up. He dials the marketing department, "uh--hi... yeah, doing good. Still miss the wife. You want to have a poster girl for you provampyr campaign?.. Yeah, Mister Poros still has the rooms set up... yeah, they were lavish for seven vampyrs. Do not know how it would be for one vampyr. Alright. Good-bye.. and see me before the company soft ball game. Your throw needs a little work."

Doctor Limos hung up, and then dialed the security department, "Yeah, we have an escort to make. Guest of honour to her faculty. If anybody harms her, your entire group you sent gets sacked without pension, you here?"

Doctor Limos decided to straighten up his lab coat. Well--this was a nice surprise to say the least. Hopefully the guest of honour will say the same.

The End

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