"I came back... quickly. I didn't really go very far. I- I... Didn't you see me come back?"

"No." That troubled me further.

"Well..." I looked at Sidney.  I decided not to say what I was going to. What I suspected. "Never mind."

Sidney came to stand beside me. She smiled, and I felt like she was someone I could understand. "You know, Raider, I've always been kind of alone myself. Down there, of course, there's no one to be friends with."

"Yes, Sidney." I felt happy. She sat on a chair beside me, talking. We chatted about all sorts of inconsequential things, until she asked a question that, to anyone else, might seem harmless.

"Have you ever had any friends?" she asked. "Other that everyone here, of of course. Or have you always been in the corner, never noticed?" I froze.

"I- Once. He's dead."

"Oh. Sorry. Really-"

"No, no, it's okay. That was a long time ago. He would be much older now."

"A human?"

"Yes, before the whole humans-must-kill-vampires thing started. He and I had been friends."

"How did he die?"

"Well- I don't know if he's really dead. He got lost- I know he's dead."

"That's rather...oxymoronic." She laughed, lightly, trying to lift the atmosphere. Thoughts of my old friend disappeared. I laughed too.

The End

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