Doctor Limos (?Human?) and Mister Poros (Human)

Doctor Limos stood in front of his boss' office. The door was a solid wooden oak one. The door knob was a rather nice and solid gold plated one. Doctor Limos still felt a little bit odd when he touched it. After all this time. He turns it. Breathes in and enters.

"Ah, Jim--how goes the battle?"

"Well--we are well into a river of hate here. It was a human that helped the vampyrs escape."

"It is all good and well. Their being here, would have lead to somebody attacking us."

"We are into a political battle now, Dad."

Mister Limos looks down and to the side, "I have talked to the marketing department. We cannot forget this. We cannot burn this away. We may end up dealing with a lot of wailing and crying. The alternatives are a lot of pain. We need to ford through this hate people have put up. Maybe a bridge can be made--but not any time soon."

"Right--though--I still kind of consider the marketing department light in their sandals."

"Who better to help guide them through this river of hate?"

Doctor Limos presses a few buttons on his HTC, before looking up and sighing, "The records of the 'human' who helped out the vampyrs has been put into restricted the information list. She really does not need the crap she will get from it."

Mister Poros lifts up a photo he kept face down on his desk. It was a black faced girl. One that Doctor Limos had came to love. Doctor Limos pulled out his wife's locket--looking at it, "sometimes, you need to lose a few battles in order to really be able to lead a fight."

The End

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