Ellicia: home

I ran like a freaking bullet all the way home. I would've taken the van but Onyx might need it besides my dad would have go nuts seeing me drive it. I spotted my house and slowed to a casual walk. My dad wasn't home yet, that usually means something bads happened. I walked through the door and came face to face with Ethan, red faced and steaming.

"Hi Ethan"

"Dont you 'hi  Ethan' me"

"Whats wrong Ethan?"

"You've been helping those monsters haven't you! Everyone was talking about a jail break lead by a human."

"I dont-"

"I told you not to sympathise with them Ellicia! Next thing I know you'll come home with a bite mark, maybe even a pair of fangs too!"  He grabbed me by the arms so hard I could've sworn he was gripping the bone.

"Let go!" I kicked him in the gut but he just got redder.

"You are a disgrace Ellicia! You love those monsters so much? why dont you join them!" he looked me strait in the eyes and I knew I was no longer staring at my loving boyfriend.

I glared at him "Maybe I will! You know what Ethan? your blind. You dont see whats right in front of you! You dont see the carnage being created by your precious cult!" He punched me and threw my sorry butt outside. I ran into my old base and looked at myself in the mirror. My long brown hair was a mess, unlike it's usualy strait appearance. My green, blue, brown eyes were red where I had been crying so much and my left eye was slightly puffy from the well-aimed punch of my former boyfriend. I couldn't go back. I curled up in a ball and began to cry.

The End

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