I shook the new girl's hand. She seemed nice enough to notice me, was rather friendly, and then almost ignored Marcus. Strange... "Who are you?" I asked, trying not to be too brusque.

"Sidney" she said, smiling. I made the corners of my mouth turn up, hoping it passed for a smile. " Who are you?"

"I'm Raider." I said. I wished I could just blend into the concrete. Sidney looked around, frowned, and then I took a small step to the side. She smiled again, and I wondered what she had been thinking.

I glanced around, and was about to make a dash for a corner, when Violet piped up. "Raider, I know you're going to run to a corner. We've seen that look on your face every day." I froze.

"If you have some sort of attachment to the corner, then go. But if you're just going to go there to hide, well, then stay for a moment." I nodded. Sidney put her head to one side, as if thinking something. I didn't look around this time.

I took a head-on run towards the trees. Once I was in the confines of the forest, I slowed. I grabbed a tree branch, and like when the cougar had been below me, I swung myself up. I sat against the trunk and sighed.

I hoped they wouldn't come looking for me.

The End

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