Fiona: Famine

Fiona wandered out of her part of the cave. She was mostly wearing rags. Eyes a little sunk in. Her body was showing her hungry. She looked over at the Zombies, and thinks, Zombies Stupid. En cuanto a ellos sólo me hace más hambre. Tal vez hay algo de comida en las áreas de almacenamiento.

Fiona mildly frowns. She was glad her father had taught her Spanish before she was turned. Enough Vampyrs had taken to mind reading that it was kind of required these days to put up psychic static in some cases. In her case, after she was turned, she simply took to thinking entirely in Spanish. However, it was very broken Spanish... but still, it gave her some privacy.

She gets to a cooler area, looks around, Ug! Mi último trozo de carne que era el ahorro se ha ido - ¿Qué pasó?

She looks around for that cow that was pulled in here yesterday, hand onto her stomach, Oh, bien. Me lo comí.

She leaves the fridge area, and shouts back, "Hey! I am going to grab something to eat."

Fiona was kind of glad that she had been fixed by the institute enough to be able to eat via stuff other than blood without getting overly sick. However--she was having issues eating to get full. She pulled out the papers her husband gave her when she escaped. The last time she ever saw him. The hunters had killed him. However, she was so hungry that her vision was too blurry to read what was written here. She walks towards the entrance of the cave. Hoping that the nearby factory farm still had some of their produce in there.

The End

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