Sidney : First Incounter

I sit in my stone coffin, staring at a spider, spinning its web. How long shall we hide down here? Ever since we heard that van approaching, we've been hidden down here. Past the secret door, and beyond the beasts that guard us. This is where I was born. This is where I'll die, and I'll die protecting it. I stand up and look at the cobweb covered door. Should I really reviel myself? To the enimies? Fight them off on my own? I didn't know, but I was willing to take the risk. I opened the door slowly, and peeked my head outside. No others out here. I guess I'm on my way then. I took my first step out the door, and frantically looked around to see if anyone heard. Nope. I am safe. I took another step. Nope. I then bolted across the room, down the hallway and then infront of the door that led to the secret chamber where the monsters are waiting. I took in a deep breath and reached for the door.

"Hold it right there, Sidney!" I froze, and turned my head. Samantha stood at the end of the hall with her blonde curls falling infront of her shoulders. Her blue eyes sparkled with delight that she caught me doing something against the rules. She is the beautifulest of the vampires. Her charm and looks is her vampire 'power', but really, it's much more than that. She can lure in humans with her seductive ways and then eat them. It made my stomach turn over.

"I'm just making sure this door is still here," I lie. I force a fake smile across my face.

"Of course you are. Now get back to your room now." She says pointing.

"No. Just because you're older, and a pure-blood vampire doesn't meen I listen to you!" I say as I wip open the door, and slam it behind me. I smile with delight. I just defied a pure-blood. That's when I saw them. Zombies. There are zombies down here. They havn't noticed me yet, but it won't take them long. I freeze. My green eyes are wide open from fear. I feel goose bumps rising up my white arms and legs. I take in a deep breath, tuck my brown hair behind my ears, pulled up my black ripped skirt, and dash acroos the room. The zombies heads turn but it is too late. I am already long gone. I laugh out loud. Thats when I see the wooden small door on the cieling that leads up to the main house. Where the intruders are. I notice a box that is just big enough to give me something to stand on when I open the door. I pull it directly under neath, and climb up. I grab the handel and push a little. Crap. It's stuck! Some one must be standing on it!

"Yeah, and take a look at this arm. Marcus pose one, Marus pose two. Violet, get ready for pose number--"

I wip open the door sending the guy, who's name I asume is Marcus, flying across the room hitting the stone wall.

"AHHH!" A girl screamed. A girl I would guess is Violet. They all stare at me. I climb up. Wow, these people are vampires. But then I looked behind me. Two... Humans. I hiss under my breath, but then I turn back to the vampires. I notice one who looked like he is zoning out. I summon my vampire powers. Red writing appeared over his head. Raider, it read.

"Hello," I said friendlier than I intended. I lent out my hand to Raider. He looked at me in suprise. "Do you know how to shake? I won't bite!" I said with a laugh. He took my hand, and shook it, and sort of smiled. I couldn't help but smile back.

"Hey there. I'm Marcus." The black haired one I had thrown across the room said.

"Oh, hello," I said a bit plainly. His smile shrunk and turned his head back to Violet who stared at me with her Violet eyes. She saw I had evil intentions. But what are they? She'll never know.

The End

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