I was outside again. No one had noticed that I had left, and for once I didn't mind. I went a ways into the forest, and sat at the foot of a tree. I listened for anything around me. I suddenly heard something. I had just time enough to swing myself up onto a low branch before something went below me. It was a cougar, I thought.

It was large, red-beige, and very stealthy. I clung onto the branch. Suddenly it looked up. It peered, and jumped up onto a branch near me. I quietly stood up on the branch, pressing my back to the tree trunk. The cougar came near, sniffing at where I had just been. It flicked it's tail, looking around. I barely dared to breath.

But I was right in front of it. It stared at me, calculating. Maybe I wasn't a good enough meal. It jumped off the branch, trotting away. I released my breath.

I jumped from the branch, and ran back to the... I realised we hadn't really called it anything. The base, I guessed. I just managed to keep my composure. I saw Ellicia talking to Marcus. Violet and Luke were talking too. Marcus was watching Violet, of course.

"Hey, I just nearly got made into cougar food!" I said cheerily.

"Good for you, Raider." Violet said, offering me only a quick glance.

Someone was more sympathetic. "How'd you escape? Don't they have really good sight and smell?" Ellicia asked.

"Yeah. It smelled me, but it didn't see me." I didn't add how it was standing in front of me. "I think it was probably blind." I muttered to myself.

The End

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