I looked at the note that had been dropped near our base. Lately I had been patroling the area, loathe to go inside with everyone else. I would again have to sit in a corner. While they completely ignored me.

There were supplies... and this note. I took as much of the stuff as I could. "Hey! What's that?" Ellicia said. She was the first to realise I was there.

"I was outside, and these came down. Supplies. There's more out there." A few stood up, ready to go. "Just one person. Belleza?" I had thought a moment about sending Violet and Marcus together, but that would not make me any friends.

"Sure!" she went out, running. I put the note on the table.

"I also found this." I said. Violet immediately grabbed it. "I don't think they want to come and get us. If they knew where we were, wouldn't they just come here? They want us to stay."

"Could the supplies just be to try to gain our trust?" Marcus asked.

"Then they would have come straight here. We have supplies and," I pointed to the note for emphasis, "it seems that at least there is someone that cares."

The End

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