Doctor Limos (?Human?)

Doctor Limos was starting to think he must have been the greatest fool. He fell for the sick prisoner's routine. He was worried so badly that the clone blood may not react properly with their biology that he believed they got sick from it.

He went over it inside his head. However, why did they do that? He had lined up some decent quarters from them from Mister Poros. To live a life of comfort. He loaded up his HTC--sent a message to the people in the labs... which it rang shortly afterwards.

"Doctor Limos, we have tracked them. A Hunter Van has been taken. They did not think to disable GPS or Tower based triangulation methods. Its signature has been registered as stolen. Should we pursue?"

Doctor Limos frowned, "no--merely note its position. Also, talk to the people who registered that vehicle. Transfer ownership of it."

Doctor Limos pulled out the locket of his wife, looks at it. Then puts it back, sighing, "also, when they do stop, be sure to air drop supplies they need to survive the area."

Doctor Limos went over what he saw on his research so far, "and a thank you note--their living biology shows no signs of issues with the cloned blood."

"Should we patrol the area?"

"No--Institute crew should note that wherever they go, it is a hunter free zone. They have a way to live without requiring to put us in danger. We should let them live."


At that Doctor Limos hung up. He pulled out his wife's locket. Scorned the Hunters just a little bit afterwards. It was the hunter's fault. At least he did some good.

The End

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