I shrugged, but nodded. I felt tired, and leaned my head against the window. Landscape flew by. Onyx and Ellicia chatted, and I got handed a large pile of books and CDs. I flipped through the books, settling for a nice looking hardcover. I looked at the cover, and immediately put it at the bottom of the pile. It was a romance. I took a while to find a good book.

Finally I did find one. I settled back, and it seemed like only a moment later that the car slowed, and then stopped. I stumbled out, tripped, and fell on my face. Now they noticed me. Laughing.

"So now you notice me?" I said scathingly. Onyx and Ellicia didn't laugh. They were talking about something or other. I took stock of our surroundings. Mountains, all around us. Great pine trees stood around.

"Wow." I heard someone say.

"Look!" I said. A wolf, it's eyes glowing, stood a ways away. I started towards it. It scampered off, and I growled.

"C'mon let's go." Onyx said. I followed her, looking back, expecting to see another pair of bright, glowing eyes in the gloom of the trees.

The End

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