15, and I'm driving! good thing I taught myself a year ago when I stole that van loaded with anti-vampire weapons. We drove out of sight, towards the mountain range where both Onyx and I knew was an an abandoned home, lots of rooms, hiding places and best of all alsorts of passageways underground. I swerved, avoiding another vampire sensor. "So, where are we going exactly?" Violet asked, holding on with all she could.

"The mountains, theres a place up there that the institution doesn't know about" Onyx explained, we both exchanged a smile.

"And, there are underground passageways, perfect for sneaking in and out to get blood" I thought about raider for a second "Hey Raider, just so you know I have a vast collection of books and CDs if your interested" I smiled. As we got closer I knew we were home free, Nice plan Onyx, I gotta hand it to ya, you really came through.

The End

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