I saw Ellicia whisper into Violet's ear.

Do we have to leave? I asked in Ellicia's head.

Yes, but I have a feeling that Doc isn't going to let them go though.

We need to think of a plan. I saw Raider walk slowly over the the table, my eyes followed him. I pulled out my iPod turning it onto Muse. Me and Ellicia both spaced out, thinking of a plan. I had hardly noticed when Raider came back over, I think he had noticed that I was spacing out.

"We have to leave," Raider whispered in my ear. A chill ran through me.

"I know, I'm thinking." Raider looked at me questioningly. Then it ran through my mind, I was still conected to Ellicia. We both looked up at the same time.

Will it work? She asked, I just breifly nodded. Raider was looking back and forth at us. Me an Ellicia smiled.

After we had explained to the group what we had planned, we put it into action. All of the vampires layed down on the tables/beds, and tried to look sick. Me an Ellicia both knew that Doc wouldn't like sick specimens.

Me and Ellicia were running around looking frantic. Doc came in with a worried face.

"What has happened," he asked.

"We don't know, they just now started to look like this," Ellicia was doing a good job at acting. Doc looked at each one with a scared look.

"Could they be infected by something," I asked, I knew my face was plastered with greif.

"I-I-I don't know," Doc ran over to Violet. She weakly smiled at him, then "passed out". I ran over to Raider, now it was his turn. One by one they all did the same. Me and Ellicia swapped scared expressions.

Yes. She thought.

"We need to get them out of here pronto," the Doc said worriedly. "Ellicia get them out of here." Doc went back to his room to make the phone call I expected. We rolled each table out and all of the vampires climbed into the car.

"Where are we going," Violet asked.

"We are going into the mountains so that it will be safe, he wont find you," Ellicia took the wheel. I sat in the passenger seat. We couldn't risk anyone being seen.

The End

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