I saw Ellicia whisper in Violet's ear. They looked at each other, and Ellicia said something more. The one good thing that comes of being left out all the time is that you learn to watch and listen. I registered minute facial changes, wondering what they were talking about.

I walked over, leaving my nearly permanent post in the corner. "What is it?" I asked. Violet, of course, turned back to Luke.

"We gotta get out." Ellicia said. Her gaze flickered towards Luke, and I knew what she wasn't saying. Luke is hurt, we have to get him out. I could almost hear her saying it.

"Yeah, whatever." I muttered. I went to stand by Onyx in the corner again. She looked at me. I gave her the best stare I could, my eyes unwavering. She looked away.

I wondered why I had no friends. No one in this room really counted, considering how they never spoke to me. I was once again in my own little world, oblivious to anything around me, stymied by that one question.

The End

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