Ellicia: new home

Everyone seemed to be doing OK, considering they were in this place anyway. Onyx was talking to the quietest guy I think I've ever seen, Raider, he seemed pretty ticked off about never being noticed. I dont blame him, I'd get annoied if I kept getting ignored by the ones I cared for most. Violet was still dabbing Luke and herself with the healing solution when another vamp went over to her...Marcus. It seemed like he is realy into her but violet is into Luke...heck knows whats gonna happen there, I feel sorry for Violet though, having to make a decision like that. I wish that my father would see how good they can be, their just like humans and half-bloods, some are good, some are bad. Ah well, I'll figure something out, but first things first...I walked up to Violet "we're gonna have to find you guys a new home" I whispered. She looked at Luke who was still unconcious, I knew what she was thinking "I wouldn't trust doc, he only cares about experimentation. Plus, I'm pretty sure your buddy will be okay, but we need to get him out of this place, to give him a fighting chance"

The End

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