Doctor Limos (?Human?)

Doctor Limos decided it may be best if he put his psychic static up. He knew a specific form of psychic static that was associate with him and his family. He started running a large amount of knowledge--many trains of these thoughts on the matter--about through the ages of how famine and poverty usually work and operate.

In these conditions and stages, the well to do and well off very rarely have to starve. Perhaps these--well, lets drop the pretentious. They are human. They exhibit enough sentient thought and ability that if they were an automaton, they would be human by any of means provided. Be it a simple Turing Test, or a full on Voigt Wagner emotional age profiling. They are simply just a different variety of this state of human.

The term nosferatu, ghampir, etc., are mostly used as a way to target these. Doctor Limos may as well just call them "witches", "communists", "terrorists" or "child molestors" for all the images that would be put into people's mind. It was just this world's boogie man. Parents need to protect their kids from--his mind branched onto various thoughts dealing with bad proproganda dealing with Salem, MacArthur, The Cold War, the War on Terror and Stranger Danger. With a few branching off into his personal favourite proproganda: "duck and cover". Because hiding under the table is always the solution when X item comes to attack (not even really caring if X item matches the branch of thought this idea was carrying on).

Doctor Limos, running over his mind, many trains of thoughts, on various histories leading up to and out of many poverties, starvation and famine worked. The people in charge were never starving. These people would just need to eat cake, Doctor Limos guessed.

He looks at the elfin girl, "well--the blood I am grabbing from you is very important. The 'virus' that shifted your DNA over to this new biological state can be used to help treat various genetic disorders."

Doctor Limos prepares the syringe with a serum on the metal needle, "as the virus attacks various proteins in your genetic structure. We may be able to try to use to well, fix genetic disorders that cause people to not be able to work and operate."

He inserts the needle into the girl's arm, "Downs syndrome, may be a thing of the past with enough study."

He slowly draws in some of the blood, it filling the vial in the syringe in crimson splurts, "you may have noticed some of us have thicker necks."

He swaps a vial in and out of the syringe to take another blood sample--this one with a different colour marking the top, he glances down to a badge on his arm, "this notes us as people on the sight who have okayed it for you to bite us."

The girl's eyes started to flash a little. Not certain if it was alarm at how foolhardy that may have appeared, "we are growing a form of cloned healthy blood. Like humans would grow vegetables. We shall begin giving some cloned blood to you as plentiful rations. We will try to make as much as you can drink."

Doctor Limos changes the vial--this was part of a group of two similarly coloured vials, "however, we expect that you may have some adversions to the cloned blood."

Doctor Limos removes a hand from the syringe, extracting with one hand, drawing the other along his neck, "some of us are more thick necked than the others. He have okayed the allowance of biting us on the neck--should you be finding the farmed blood is going you problems. Though, it is the neck that you are to bite--no other part."

Doctor Limos switches to the last vial, drawing more in, "we hope to get the rations in to you at a decent level in a week. It will be a feast of sorts."

Doctor Limos removes the vial, then the syringe, and pulls out some items from the part of his medkit for dealing with Nosferatu based subjects, and starts patching up the young elfin girl, "the cloned blood uses cloning and stem cell research. We take a healthy cell, then coerce it to grow into a greater amount of that cell. Typically used for skin graft technologies. As people tend to reject synthetic skin. It fits in with research that has us growing human hearts in pigs, and human ears on the backs of mice."

Doctor Limos prepares the vials he grabbed, putting the appropriate labels onto it, "thank you--you were very well behaved and helpful. I would give you a lollipop--if you could digest it. If you can think of some treat you want, mention it when you think of it. We will see about getting it to you."

Doctor Limos gets up and leaves the cell, hitting a few buttons on his HTC, "send the med team in here. They are in very rough shape. Also, bring in a few thick necks. Lets go with the ones with the strongest psychic static for now."

The End

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