"Onyx, could you sort out, the others? Theres some blood vials in there that I took a week ago," Ellicia said. I walked over to the cabnet in the back of the room, and sure enough, there were the blood vials. They were medium sized, I was surprized she got all that blood. There was enough for all of them, even more, but we needed them to last. The vampires crowded around me, now interested in the blood. I gathered three plastic cups and poured and equal amount into each handing them around.

The blood thirsty vampires downed the whole cup in one gulp. I myself never needed the blood, even though I was a half-blood. But I had to admit, it did taste good though. The hunger in their eyes subsided, leaving their faces flushed. They all returned back to the table that Luke occupied.

Violet was rubbing the solution over his wounds. Raider was standing in the corner looking at the group with envy. I walked over to him.

"Why so glum," I asked. He looked at me still leaning against the wall.

"They always care for Luke, all the time it's Luke, Luke, Luke," he grumbled. "He does everything, that's why he's in that bed. He tries to act heroic, but he almost always winds up with broken bones."

I sighed knowing I couldn't help him. We just stood there looking over at the group. It was very quiet. It was too quiet it scared me. I reached my mind out finding the doctor engrossed in his work.

Just as I suspected, the perfect blood! She has to be specail I know it. He licked his lips, thinking of unimaginable things.

The End

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