Ellicia: experimenting

So doc wanted to experiment? If he isn't careful I'll show him....I looked at the girl  who cared for the boy, Luke so much. How sweet, I wonder if he gets it. Probably not, boys never do. I sighed, "Well doc, if your done" I looked at the injuries across the room "I think I should help along with the healing process." I glared at him, but he just smiled and left. I went over to the corner of the room and grabbed a secret stash of belongings. "Whats that?"

"It's a few medical supplies that help vampires, it speeds up the healing"

I ripped some fabric off my dress and poured on some solution, walking over to Luke "Hi, uh my names Ellicia"


"Do you mind if I help or would you rather do it, if it makes it more comfrtabble I mean" I gave her a small smile letting her know hopefully, that I was only trying to help.

"Onyx, could you sort out, the others? theres some blood vials in there that I took a week ago."

The End

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