Onyx (human: GIRL!)

We were in a facility, I was leaning on the nearest wall. I didn't particularly like this doctor guy. Experimenting? It wasn't in my forte. I didn't like experimenting at all, but if he said that he could help I could trust him, only a little.

For me being a half-blood it was hard. I had graduated from the Hunting school early, but they didn't know my capabilities. Many people called us the Nosferatu, but in Romania we were called Dhampirs. I liked the name Dhampir better, it made me sound more powerful. I liked power, to an extent. But I was half vampire, so how could I not? It was second nature, I was already second in comand with the hunters.

I walked over tho the croud.

"I guess you didn't even notice me, now did you," Raider said. "Hey, Luke is starting to wake up, let's ignore Raider?"

Marcus gave him a cold stare. And he returned it, nearly snarling. He stood up, and started pacing. A dizzy look overcame Raider. "Fine. Tell me what's up," Raider looked at them all.

"They say they're going to save us." Violet said.

"That's not a complete story," he accused. "I could just ignore you again, but that wouldn't help me figure out what's happening."

Violet finally answered. "We'll tell you when Luke's awake."

 Groaning was coming from the blonde they called Luke. Luke was laying on the table, his face was covered with pain. The girl, Violet, was next to him looking worried. The doctor was examing him. The doctor was checking Luke's pulse, breathing, everything, you name it.

I wonder if this would be a good time to experiment. The doctor thought as I searched in his mind for answers.

"Can I take some of his blood for examination," the doctor's eyes were shining with curiosity.

He is taking it for experimentation, if he takes blood from Luke it wont help him heal. It would take longer. I told Violet. She thrust her arm twards the doctor.

"Take mine," she said. He stuck the syringe into her arm. As he took her blood, she screamed in pain. I knew it would hurt, but it would have effected Luke way worse, and I knew she didn't want to loose him.


Onyx is a girl, please get that right!

The End

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