"I'm sorry Janelle!" I screamed helping her up.

"Jeez Emily. How come I can never sense your there or read your thoughts?" Janelle asks shaking off the dust that covers her body.

"I dunno, but we need to find Lilian! He's somewhere in the rubble!" I skipped through the rubble like a little princess. Yeah, I am the oyoungest out of the group which makes me the weakest and the dumbest, but that's okay.

"I think I see Lilian!" I shout. I run over to a big pile of rocks that is odly piled. I push over the rocks, and Lilian tumbles down with them. "YAY! It's LILIAN! I could almost kiss you right now!' I shout helping him up and giving him a big hug.

"Stop! Where are the others!" He shouts.

"They got taken away by some people, but hey! Now we are all by ourselves!" I say winking at him.

"Me too," Janelle says with her arms crossed.

"Oh yeah, you too." Me and Janelle really don't get along. I think because she thinks she's betetr than I am because she's older.

"We need to go save them," Lilian says, pushing me awayf rom him.

"I guess so. Let's go!" I linked arms with Janelle and Lilian and we started to skip down the road.

"Umm... Emily... We have no idea where we're going..." Lilian points out.

"Oh yeah. Well Janelle can read minds! She'll show us the way!" I suggest. Lilian and I both look at Janelle. Janelle closes her eyes and listens intently.

The End

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