I lurched up. The first thing I saw was that my friends were around me. I relaxed. But then I  realised that we weren't anywhere I had ever been. Violet and Marcus were leaning over Luke. Always the centre of attention.

"I guess you didn't even notice me, mow did you?" I said. "Hey, Luke is starting to wake up, let's ignore Raider?"

Marcus gave me a cold stare. I returned it, nearly snarling. I stood up, and started pacing. I ignored them, and they looked away from me. The floor swayed fro a moment. I coughed, feeling dizzy.

Finally I sat down, with a sigh. "Fine. Tell me what's up." I looked at them all, and finally rested my gaze.

"They say they're going to save us." Violet said, finally.

"That's not a complete story." I accused. My eyes narrowed. "I could just ignore you again, but that wouldn't help me figure out what's happening."

Violet finally answered. "We'll tell you when Luke's awake."

This time I really snarled. I deserve to know. I started pacing again, and gave them all a hard, cold stare. Violet flinched. I went to a corner and sat down, muttering to myself the entire time.

The End

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